Ceramic Inukshuk Figures in Various Sizes

Group of Aluminum Inukshuk Figrues

Desk and Coffee Table Top Inukshuk

How can rocks placed together in the image of a human, 
communicate that the difference we make each day, 
counts in all our tomorrows?....
Inukshuk, meaning "in the image of man" have communicated this for years. They are stone monuments erected by nomadic Inuit people.
One of their purposes was to communicate direction to those 
who followed. As such, they were a tool for survival, 
and a tangible symbol of communication - a universal means 
of voicing guidance and leadership.
Because of its rich history, the Inukshuk figure acts as a memorable, 
effective vehicle for acknowledging leadership, enlightened 
management, personal contribution, and outstanding teamwork.
It is fitting that this symbol was chosen to represent 
the 2010 Olympics.
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